Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Coming Clean

Okay, so we use our makeup brushes and sponges everyday right? Well how often do you actually wash them? Reusing a dirty makeup applicator is the equivalent of putting sweaty workout clothes back on, and you wouldn't do that, right? I was definitely guilty of this too - sometimes not washing them for months (gross right?) until I found LimeLight's Come Clean brush and sponge shampoo. It is so easy to use and it's vegan and chemical free, which is just an added bonus! To be honest I didn't wash my brushes because it was time consuming and I'm lazy. But this Come Clean wash is SUPER fast and simple. It will literally take you 5 minutes max! Read the steps and see pictures below to see how I use it: 
  1. Wet your brush or sponge
  2. Swirl brush or sponge around in the jar getting some of the shampoo on it
  3. Run under water again and squeeze all the product out
  4. Repeat those steps until all makeup products are removed
Properly cleaning your brushes and sponges is essential to help prevent breakouts, growth of bacteria, spreading germs and it increases how long your tools will last. And I think it even helps your makeup go on better! It is suggested to clean your tools two to three times per week, and ensure that they are dry in an open, breathable space. If you seal your tools in a airtight bag after cleaning them it could produce mold, mildew or bacteria and we do not want any of that on our faces. 

I have seen so many tutorials showing you how to clean your bushes with baby soap or dish soap, but that's not really getting all that dirt and bacteria out and it seems to be a lot more time consuming. Come Clean is made with essential oils and coconut milk to break down the toughest makeup, which is why it works so fast and easy. Since it is also chemical free, it is the perfect solution for sensitive skin too. Seriously, once you try this stuff you will never stop buying it! And the best part, it's only $28 and will last you for months and months! If you are interested in trying it out click here or email me at!

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