Thursday, April 4, 2019

My go-to places to shop for cute but affordable active wear. All under $50.

Need motivation to work out more? Get some cute workout clothes! I'm telling ya, there's something about them that magically makes you want to hit the gym, haha! I love having cute workout clothes, but can't bring myself to pay $100 dollars for leggings when I can get close to the same quality for half the price. These are some of the ones that I wear and love!


These are hands down my favorite workout/anytime leggings! They are literally the softest leggings you will ever put on. They are constantly having sales, so you can go to the Aerie Outlet or get them online. I have at least 6 pair of their $60 dollars leggings and only paid $16 for each. Their sales are always great! They also have so many different fun colors and prints to choose from. And these best thing about them besides how comfortable they are, is that they are squat proof! Aerie also has some of the best sweatshirts that you can paid with your leggings even when you're not headed to the gym!

Old Navy

If you haven't shopped the workout section at Old Navy you are definitely missing out. As you all know, this place is my jam and my go to for everything! You can't beat their prices for everything, but especially their workout clothes. Their stuff is  super cute, and the quality is amazing! They also have athleisure wear because lets be honest, we all wear workout clothes even when we aren't actually going to workout. 100% of my athleisure clothes come from Old Navy! They are always having sales on their workout clothes, so you can pretty much buy them any time for a great price!


Target has a new workout line called JoyLab that is super trendy, high quality and inexpensive. They have some great leggings and tops, and they also have some good jackets and sports bras. They are all fun colors, and will make you stand out anywhere you go! And come on, who doesn't need another excuse to go to Target!

Marshalls/TJ Maxx - 

These two are hit or miss for me, but most of the time they have a great selection. Their workout clothes are all name brand, and they have so many different kinds of workout tops and leggings for awesome prices, usually half off the normal prices.

Forever 21 / H&M

 I will always be honest with y'all, so this would be my last pick for workout clothes. I do have a couple workout tanks that I wear all the time from there, but I don't trust the leggings. I'm always nervous they aren't squat proof and nobody wants to be that girl at the gym with see through leggings, haha! But like I said, the workout tanks are pretty good quality! The sports bras are also nice to lounge in, I don't work out in them. This would be my pick for just comfy lounge wear instead of actual gym clothes.

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