Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Affordable Apartment Decor

I received sooo many questions regarding my home decor! I was so glad y'all like that post because it was so fun for me to share. I loved redecorating our living room in our new place. Decorating can get super expensive, so I wanted to share how we kept it affordable and still so cute at the same time. 

The living room is the only part of the apartment we changed completely. We kept our same bedroom furniture and just added a few touches to give it a simple change. Same with the guest room. We also didn't have a formal dining room in our last apartment, where in this one we do. But we are still saving up for the dining table that we want, so we are using our tiny IKEA table from the last apartment. But it works for now! Decorating and buying for a house is something that you can't do at one time, it's a work in progress, and will eventually all come together. 

We decided to change up our living room completely because everything that we were using in our last apartment was a hand me down from the couch to the TV stand! With us getting married this year, we figured it was time for us to make this new place "ours", which is why we decided to make our first adult purchase - a couch! Who knew they were so expensive! We spent a lot of time searching different places, but finally found the one we really liked at Ashley Homestore. It was actually on sale for $750, so it was a great deal. After taxes and delivery - it was still under $950. We wanted a more modern look, which is why we choose the grey and white, and the decor to go with it. We also knew that we wanted a white TV stand, but couldn't find one we liked that wasn't super expensive, so we went to IKEA and actually designed this ourselves. I had no idea you could do that at IKEA until we started talking with one of the employees who helped us with the process. It literally only took us like 30 minutes! Now putting it together was a different story, haha! I'm not good at that kind of stuff so my sister and Patrick's dad spent a couple of hours putting it all together, but it was totally worth it! 

We went went white, black and grey with a pop of blush as our color scheme! We both agreed that we liked that the best since it wasn't super girly or super manly, and it was a good balance for both of us. I found the blush painting at At Home and sent Patrick a picture expecting him say no to the pink, but I was SO surprised when he liked it and let me add it! That small pop of color just gives a little extra something, without making it too girly. 
Okay so I've linked everything from the living room below: 

Rug - Homegoods / Similar - Wayfair  & Target
Coffee Table - Wayfair
TV Stand - Ikea
Throw pillows - Homegoods / Similar - Target 
Blush blankets - AtHome / Similar - Target
Grey Poufs - AtHome
Black Tray on table - AtHome
Mirror - Kirklands 

Also, some of this was on sale when we purchased it so ALWAYS look for coupons or discount codes. 

Now on to the our bedroom & bathroom! I am OBSESSED :) like I mentioned before, we kept most of the furniture from our old apartment and the same comforter, lamps, etc. The only thing I really added to this room was the mirror, the furry chair & the picture above our bed! The picture is my favorite part of the room! 

Picture - Smallwood Home
Comforter - Target
Pillows - Homegoods about 3 years ago / Similar - Target 
Lamps - Homegoods
Mirror - Kirklands
Furry chair - Homegoods: found mine for $40 / Similar - Amazon
Headboard - Kirklands: found mine on sale a couple years ago for $60 / Similar - Wayfair
Bathroom Rug - Bed Bath & Beyond & another one here

Last is the patio area. We have a much bigger patio in this place, so we decided to make it somewhere that we actually wanted to hang out! We will be using this a lot in the spring/summer, so to make it more cozy we added the lights to give it some ambiance! Just adding the lights made such a difference and they aren't super expensive. The table and chairs was something that we had in our last apartment, which they still have at IKEA. The rug just brings the space together, and makes it look a lot nicer! The two chairs aren't enough so we want to add a small couch but again, saving up for that! 

Rug- AtHome
Lights- Bed Bath & Beyond
Outdoor Furniture- Ikea

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration for your own home/apartment! Once we finish the dining room, I'll share that :) 

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