Friday, October 26, 2018

How I Asked My Bridesmaids

Today I am excited to share with y’all how I decided to “propose” to my bridesmaids. Asking my girls to be in our wedding has been one of the most fun parts of wedding planning so far! I loved seeing the reactions from my closest friends & family when they opened the boxes asking them to be my bridesmaid! I am so blessed to get to share our big day with the most amazing group of ladies!

When thinking about how to ask them, I knew I wanted something cute and fun, but also affordable because I have 8 girls. I started Pinteresting and looking on Etsy, and came across such a cute Etsy page called ModParty which took me to her wedding store, Wedding Favorites! She makes the cutest things for weddings from personalized robes, hats, bags, bridesmaids gifts and "proposal" boxes! The tops of the boxes were also personalized with each girl’s name, and with the question "Will you be my bridesmaid/MOH?". There are 9 different colors you can choose from, and I chose to go with blush & gold! I decided to go with gift boxes because they came with 5 different items in each box, and I wanted to give all the girls a little gift since they are giving us the gift of being in our wedding! In each box there was a champagne flute that said “cheers”, which I think we can all use on wedding the day while we are getting ready with our mimosa. This will make for really cute pictures! There was also a candle, matches, chapstick and a small makeup mirror with their name on it.  Each girl loved their gift and I can’t wait to have them stand by my side on my wedding day!

I wanted to personalize the boxes and "proposal" a little more, so I included a special note to each one of them in their box! As I was searching through Pinterest, I found free printables that were super cute, and each said something funny! Always check Pinterest first before going out and buying cards, because they have tons of free printable ones. All I had to do was download them and print them out on card stock – super easy & completely free! Click here for the printable cards!

Each box cost around $30, which I thought was pretty reasonable. If I would have had to buy the boxes and individual items separately, I feel it would have been a lot more expensive and I wouldn't have been able to personalize them as well.

If any of you girls are trying to decide on how to ask your bridesmaids, I highly recommend visiting Wedding Favorites! They were super nice and easy to work with. I only had to mail one box but if you have to mail more, they are super lightweight which helps save money on shipping! I’m so happy with how everything turned out, and I hope this is helpful for any future brides looking for an affordable way to ask your bridal party. Stay tuned for more wedding fun!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Our Engagement Story

September 2nd will always be a special day... the day that I said YES to spending the rest of my life with the love of my life.  


Patrick and I met in high school. He's a year younger than me... yes, I guess that makes me a cougar, hahaha! Anyways, we always knew of each other because I cheered and became friends with his older sister, but we never really spoke or hung out. That was until my 11th grade year, his 10th grade year, we had a class together where we sat about 10 feet away from each other. We started getting to know each other, but at this point I had an on/off boyfriend. Long story short, it took about 6 months and a breakup for me to give Patrick the time of day! Then another 6 months for me to claim him as my boyfriend. Fast forward, we went to college together at USC, moved back home to North Myrtle Beach for a year, and then moved to Charlotte together where we still live now. That puts us at 8 and a half years together and I guess you could call us high school sweethearts! 

Since we have been together for so long, of course at this point we knew we wanted to spend forever together, so we have been talking about marriage for awhile. We both wanted to make sure that we were stable in our jobs and financial situation before we started planning a wedding and hopefully a family. We've both been ready for awhile, but hey good things come to those who wait. I can't tell you how many times over the past several years that we got asked "when are y'all getting engaged". Honestly, I had no clue when he was going to do it, but I knew it was on his mind. I thought that it was maybe going to be sometime next year.....I was wrong and I'm so glad I was! 


I have always told Patrick that whenever we got engaged I wanted both of our families to be there, I wanted it photographed so we could capture such a special moment and I wanted him to make sure my nails were done. Well he checked every box! 

Patrick and I babysat my nephew Knox the weekend prior. Once my sister and brother in law got back they mentioned that they wanted to take us out to dinner at Dressler's the next weekend to thank us for keeping him. This is nothing out of the ordinary, because us four always do things together, and Dressler's is one of our favorite restaurants in Charlotte. So I didn't think anything of it. Fast forward a week, on Friday we left Charlotte to go to the USC game in Columbia. On Saturday, we tailgated with some friends and went to the game. Everything normal as can be. Sunday morning we drove back to Charlotte and went to our apartment pool that afternoon until we had to start getting ready to meet what I thought was just my sister and brother in law for dinner. My sister called me earlier that day to see what I was going to wear to dinner and said that she never gets to dress up anymore so she was going to wear a cute dress. I didn't think anything of that comment either because she's a new mom and hadn't had a chance to wear her nice clothes in awhile, so I decided to wear a cute dress along with her (so glad I did)! She also is the one who helped Patrick with getting my nails done. So moving on until right before dinner, my sister called around 5:45 and said they were getting in the uber and to call her once we got there. So Patrick and I got in our uber and headed to the restaurant.  Once we got there, he immediately started walking through the restaurant towards the back saying he was seeing if they were there. I started to follow him but then turned around because I figured I would call my sister to see where they were instead of wondering around the restaurant. This is when Patrick starting acting weird, but I still didn't really think anything of it. When I called my sister he said he was going to check with the hostess to see if they were there yet. My sister didn't answer but she texted me and said "we are in the back". At this point I was confused because Patrick had just walked back there and said he didn't see them. But the hostess told us that they had to check and make sure there were menus on the table and starting walking us towards the back until we got to the point where all the normal tables stopped and came to a huge closed door. They opened the doors and both of our familes were standing there in the room that they had decorated super cute with balloons, flowers and all kind of engagement details. Once I saw everyone and saw Patrick's dad hand him the ring, I immediately burst into tears because I knew what was about to happen. He said the sweetest things for about 3 minutes and then there he was down on one knee and asked me the question I have always wanted to hear from him. It couldn't have been any sweeter! Those 3 minutes were so surreal and honestly better than I could have ever imagined. Thankfully we got it on video so we can always go back and reminisce. I had waited for this day for so long and it couldn't have been more perfect. Literally, as you can tell from the pictures I was so shocked and so emotional...but a good emotional.  

My whole family kept this secret from me for about 6 weeks! I know it was especially hard for my mom, sister, his sister and his mom because we all talk pretty much everyday! They did so well and I am so thankful for all their hard work in helping Patrick make it the perfect day! I cannot wait to share my wedding planning journey with y'all along with all the tips I find along the way! Keep scrolling for more of the decoration pictures from that night! They were adorable!

Huge thanks to Deeana for capturing the best moments! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My go-to places to shop for affordable jeans under $50

Recently, I’ve had a few questions about jeans and where to buy them, so I figured I would share my favorite places with you. I am all about cute and trendy, but they still have to be affordable! I cannot stand when I see a pair of jeans I like and then look at the price tag only to see that they are $150-$200! I cannot justify spending that much on one pair of jeans, nor do I want to haha! I usually spend anywhere from $20-$45 on jeans! I know, I know, you are probably thinking that they don’t last since they are that cheap, but I’m here to tell you that they do! I’ve had some of the same pairs from the stores mentioned below for several years and still wear them all the time. You just got to know where to find the sales and I’m here to help! One of my main tips for jeans is to not put them in the dryer. Once I wash my jeans, I hang them up to dry so they don’t shrink or become worn out from so many washes. Also, I usually try to wear mine a few times before washing them.

Forever 21:

The jeans I’m wearing in the outfit below are from Forever 21 that I bought about 2 years ago! See, I told you they hold up! They don’t have these exact ones anymore, but I’ve linked some similar ones for you below at the end of the post! 

They have the cutest boyfriend jeans out right now! They also have regular jeans in all colors from dark to light starting at $9.99! Now that’s a price tag I like to see! I bought a couple of the cheap ones to wear with boots and booties in the winter and they have lasted me about 2 to 3 seasons. I can definitely say I got my money worth!

Gap Outlet:

I love me some Gap jeans, but not the Gap price. Their jeans are usually anywhere from $60 to $100 dollars, which isn’t terrible, until I realized they sell the same ones at the outlet for half the price! You can usually find sales in the Gap stores but if you have an outlet… RUN to it now! They have them on sale for prices between $14.99-$29.99!

Last but certainly not least, Old Navy has been my go-to this year for jeans! They have really stepped up their game with jeans and I get compliments on them all the time! They are always on sale and they are so comfortable, yet flattering at the same time! I’ve put some pictures below of previous pictures that I’m wearing them in! Their Rockstar 24-7 jeans are so stretchy and comfortable it feels like you are wearing leggings instead of jeans!

With jean weather coming soon, I hope this post will help you in your search for the perfect pair!

Thanks for reading! 

You can shop the jeans below! 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Two piece set styled 3 different ways

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a fun weekend! Me and the boyfriend had no plans this weekend which felt awesome so we hung out by the pool and relaxed all weekend. Literally slept  in until 11am on Saturday 😱 we haven't done that in since college, haha! It was much needed though! 

Lately, I have been on the hunt for a cute two piece that wasn’t super expensive and I finally found this one for under $35 (each piece was $15.90)! After trying it on, I knew I could style the top and bottom with other pieces to get the most wear out of it. And for under $35 dollars, I think I got my money’s worth! Let’s start with both pieces together – I love how tropical it looks and it would be perfect for a beach or vacation trip! To me, it looks similar to a romper when its styled all together. Next, I paired the OTS top with a pair of jean shorts. I’m almost positive every girl owns a pair jean shorts so I love using pieces I already have to make an outfit look completely different. I can’t forget to mention that these shorts are on sale for only $24. I plan on wearing these a ton this summer. Lastly, I paired the two piece shorts with just a simple white tank and again I’m sure everyone has a white tank in their closet but this one is on sale for $10 and comes in a few different colors! I love how the square neck makes it different from regular tank tops. If anyone is on the hunt for cute & comfy sandals for summer... you need the ones I wearing in this outfit! They go with everything and are only $60! If you haven’t noticed by now, mostly everything I purchase is always on sale.

Getting to style an outfit 3 different ways was super fun for me! I hoped y’all liked it as well. I’m all about getting your money’s worth out of an outfit! This exact two piece is not available online which is a bummer but I'm sure you can find it at your local Forever 21 because I just bought it about two weeks ago. I've linked some similar ones below for you along with the rest of my outfits! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Best Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day weekend always brings the best sales from a ton of my favorite stores! This is such a great time to stock up on those summer items you’ve been wanting but don’t want to pay full price for. I’ve rounded up my favorite deals below and each store is linked from the post to make it simple for ya! I’ll be in Isle of Palms for the weekend and cannot wait to just sit on the beach all day because ya girl needs a serious tan! Oh and how fun is this top from Julie’s! I absolutely love the layered look and the tie in the back! Like always, I kept it casual and paired it with jeans and slip-ons.  Hope everyone has a great weekend & don't forget to remember those men and women who fought for our country! 

50% off everything online + an extra 20% off with free shipping when you use code PARTY
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50% off all tees, tanks, shorts & swim. 30% off dresses. Free shipping online with orders of $50 or more with code SUMMER

50% off in stores 

40% off your purchase in store and online with code LONGWKND

40% off your purchase in store and online with code GETAWAY

30% off occasion wear

half yearly sale -  up to 40% off 

30% off sale online with code EXTRA30

Dress Up: 
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Kendra Scott:
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